About javatuples

Where does javatuples come from? Is it made or backed by any software company?

javatuples is Open Source Software created by a Spanish Software Engineer called Daniel Fernández in his spare time.

It is neither made nor backed by any software (or any other type of) company, and it is offered to the public totally free of charge, both in binary and in source code forms, under the Apache License 2.0.


Does javatuples offer any type of commercial support?

No, it does not.


How can I contribute to javatuples?

In many ways:

  • You can write to the Team with your ideas for improving javatuples.
  • You can contribute some code, write a patch for a new feature or behaviour (please, tell the project admins first about your idea so that effort can be correctly coordinated).
  • You can write articles, reviews, blog posts, etc. about javatuples, showing how it works or how it integrates with other technologies.
  • You can promote javatuples in your company/work and among your colleague developers.

If you want to contribute some code to javatuples, please read first the page on Contributing to javatuples.